SharePoint Intranet Choices for 2020

We spend over 700 hours creating our independent assessment report into SharePoint intranet in-a-box products. We cover over 50 products with the aim of showing you how SharePoint (on-premises and online) can be transformed into a fully-featured intranet and collaboration environment. But even when people see the summary tables in our report, they still ask us “who’s best?”. There is no single ‘best’ product: there is only a product that is the best match for your needs, and that’s why we encourage potential buyers to do the groundwork on requirements and strategy first.

However, we appreciate that in a complex marketplace like this one, some signposting can be helpful. Based on our scenario scores, pricing, vendor track record and customer feedback, some products do stand out in our opinion, and deserve recognition for it. Here we present ones that we expect will often be on people’s shortlists.


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