Intranet Now (and Intranet Strategy) in Three Themes

Last year’s Intranet Now was a catalyst for me, which inspired me to start this very blog. It’s an excellent event that I urge anyone who does anything with intranets or digital workplaces to go along to, at least once.

A lot has changed in the last year. In part I think these changes may even have something to do with Intranet Now and the marvellous community around it (in part anyway). As a result of these changes I now have an additional place to voice my thoughts, in the form of the ClearBox Consulting website. It means a few more things may end up there instead of here, but I will always post a link so that all of my bits are in one place!

So, please do go and have a look at the three themes that I spotted as part of the day. There was a lot to take away, as usual, and I hope these notes will jog memories or give you some ideas to consider.


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