Employee app report launch

I joined ClearBox Consulting just over a year ago and almost immediately started to investigate the world of employee apps. As my knowledge has grown I’ve written a number of articles on the subject of firstline workers and employee app products (which you can access via my site). All of that knowledge and work has culminated in the publication of ClearBox’s very first Employee Apps Report.

I’ve worked with some fantastic reviewers to get this written, and we’ve seen some really fascinating tech in that time too.

This report offers you the change to compare 17 products that have been reviewed in-depth, as well as see 5 others to consider in the mix. There are over 60 products on the market, so this will give you the groundwork you need to introduce one of these products into your business.

I’m really proud of this piece of work and I hope that you will find it helpful.

You can buy the report here: https://www.clearbox.co.uk/employee-apps-report/

Or you can read a bit more about it in another blog post here: https://www.clearbox.co.uk/our-employee-apps-report-is-here/

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